Thursday, January 7, 2016


Things I have learned in the past week:

-Dual citizens are unwanted. At least when it Comes to applying for jobs on US Military bases in Germany.
- American food Quality sucks. A lot of my weirdness (Skin rashes, Panic attacks, etc.) has disappeared. I Attribute this to the good food and the even better Beer here in Germany.
-One must have Patience and follow specific protocols. Hello German bureaucracy.
- German Keyboards want to capitalize all words perceived to be nouns.
And lastly:
-I never knew how awesome Oklahoma´s air Quality was.

Maybe I should start at the beginning. With another degree in my Hand, I packed my bags (one suitcase, actually) and hit the air. I crammed all of my precious belongings and a couple of clothes in that suitcase and was surprised that I still had a couple of Pounds to spare before I hit the sell-some-organs Limit.
At this particular Moment, I should be creating a German resume. Something I could have done months ago, but procrasinator Habits die hard. So here we are, you reading this and me debating whether or not to have that 7th Cup of coffee.

You know, I always thought Oklahoma weatherwas bipolar, but, Boy, this German weather is worse. Take today for example, the sun was shining in all it´s glory as I sped down the forest paths Stripping away the layers. Before I knew what happened, the sun had done gone and left, the temperatures plummeted, and the Clouds done started to cry.

Out of so many impressions it´s hard to choose which one left the greatest mark. Since I´m missing the Stone Turtle, I´m gonna say it´s the taste of home I found this week:

Missin´ that fresh Okie air,

P.S. More Pictures can be found on my Facebook Page.