Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wichita Mtns

Destination: Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
From Meers to Medicine Park (including Mt. Scott) 66 miles

Yet, another detour...

So my ride started out by Meers. I took a left onto HWY 115 (yes, once again I find myself on 115) and headed into the Refuge. I turned right onto HWY 49 and rode it right out of the refuge. Some fun curves once one's passed that last cattle-gate. Took HWY 54 down to 62. Reaching Indiahoma, I took a left and rode back into the refuge past Job Corps. Fun road! Just that the speedlimt is 25...And, it gets a traveler out to the refuge headquarters. Ah...the memories of... Um, never mind.

Took a right and headed back towards Medicine Park. Mt. Scott is worth a drive up for the view, so be sure to ride up the refuge's 2nd tallest "mountain."

Awesome hiking opportunites.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Medicine Park Car Show 2010

Rode to check out the street-rod show out in Medicine Park yesterday. If you weren't able to check it out for yourself, here's a little teaser of what you missed. More pictures are posted on WGR's Facebook page.

Have to say, though, I found that the turnout last year was better.

My rides have kept me out towards Medicine Park and the Refuge. And, I'm hoping to get the new tires put on this week. Because, I'd say it's about time for some new rubber...