Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wichita Mtns

Destination: Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
From Meers to Medicine Park (including Mt. Scott) 66 miles

Yet, another detour...

So my ride started out by Meers. I took a left onto HWY 115 (yes, once again I find myself on 115) and headed into the Refuge. I turned right onto HWY 49 and rode it right out of the refuge. Some fun curves once one's passed that last cattle-gate. Took HWY 54 down to 62. Reaching Indiahoma, I took a left and rode back into the refuge past Job Corps. Fun road! Just that the speedlimt is 25...And, it gets a traveler out to the refuge headquarters. Ah...the memories of... Um, never mind.

Took a right and headed back towards Medicine Park. Mt. Scott is worth a drive up for the view, so be sure to ride up the refuge's 2nd tallest "mountain."

Awesome hiking opportunites.

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