Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It helps if one takes the silencer out. Good to know.

Leo Vince Exhaust

Stock Exhaust
It's been forever since I've posted. Hell, it's been forever since I've left my house. My battery totally died last Sunday (RIP you crappy battery), and I went a little crazy shopping for parts.
Let's see. Blueberry's 2 year anniversary tune-up will include:
  • A new battery (Yay for power!)
  • A coolant flush (Did you know that flies love Engine Ice?)
  • NGK spark plugs
  • Chain tightening
  • A new pulse generator (Only because the current one's leak is starting to gush rather than trickle)
  • And a Leo Vince slip-on exhaust. 
 The exhaust was here before my pulse generator and battery made it, so I put it on right away. No amusing anecdotes from that adventure. However, it wasn't until I was totally psyched and tried pushing the start button, that I realized no battery = no power.

So, I impatiently waited on my battery...