Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Medicine Park Car Show 2011

It's almost here again. My, how time flies. So if you've got nothing to do on Saturday, go check it out! Note the rain date. I believe last year they had to move the car show because it rained. Probably why it wasn't that great last year... Smart move, Medicine Park. Smart move. See, us Okies know how to use our brain every now and then.
Medicine Park Car Show Flyer
And, if you can't make it, check back because I plan on going.
I know I said this about last year's car show (who would have thought I'd be saying it now),but last year's car show was better. There were some nice rides, though. A lot of newer muscle cars (mustangs, challengers, chargers, etc), but like the last show, I'll spare you my opinion of those.

Saw some cars that were at Elgin's crawds 'n' rods show.

It's still nice that MP hosts a car show every year. Hoping it's an event that will stick around and grow (improve). I went around 11AM. There weren't too many people out and about. Looking forward to next year's show.
I am the goose whisperer.
More pictures are in the Facebook album.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves

The holes in my Shift gloves are growing in size, so I thought it was about time to get a backup pair. Stopped by CycleGear in OKC and found some Bilt gloves.

Shows how well I study...
I love that padding on the lower palm. The length of the gloves will take some getting used to since they don't fit too well under my jacket. And, they seemed kind of breezy when I took them for a test ride. So, I'll have to get some liners for those 20 degree rides. They're a size large. My shift gloves were a size medium. And, the last Joe Rocket gloves I had were a small.

Bye Bye Birdie

May the little bird that met my front tire at 65 mph rest in peace. It certainly took a dive at the wrong time.
Otherwise, it was a lovely afternoon for a ride! Three other riders showed interest in getting out and putting some miles on the bikes. When the time came to meet up, only two other riders showed. The 5 minute wait policy was long up, so we decided to head out. Of course, we took a major detour to our not specified destination of Altus. We rode the lake road to Medicine park a couple of times before riding up Mount Scott where we happened to meet up with our missing rider. Funny how life works out sometimes. Since we had our four and the detours out of our system, we made our way over to Altus via HWY 115 and Hobart. I just hung back and stopped here and there to take some pictures for the blog (have to justify my fuel bill somehow, right?).

Pictures from this ride can be found on WGR's Facebook page.