Thursday, January 20, 2011

"I've been to Nowhere, OK."

And, yes, there is a T-shirt. No, I did not buy it. I know, I know. Shame on me.
Destination: Nowhere
Miles Logged: 88ish

Rode out through Apache to Fort Cobb, Nowhere, and Fort Cobb State Park. Heading back, went west on HWY 9 to Carnegie, and hit HWY 115 back to Meers. It was pretty chilly and a long coffee break was certainly called for.

At the Lake Fort Cobb, there were literally thousands of geese. Family Reunion, or something... I honestly cannot remember a whole lot from this ride. All I remember is that it was extremely COLD!!! Someone came across my blog by searching for "weird things at the bottom of Lake Fort Cobb." Hm. Maybe I should do some research because curiosity just killed my "I don't really care" cat.

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  1. Hello Dani,

    well I have now read all your current blogs and have enjoyed them all, I like your pictures to and think it was wonderful that you rescued Sprocket the kitten - I hope she is enjoying her new home. I look forward to reading your next blog!