Sunday, August 22, 2010

Big Loop

Destination: Ada
All in all, this loop is pretty cool. It goes through some small towns, where there is really nothing, yet they still have a cop (Bradley and Roff). Mostly all two-lane hwy with a speed limit of 65. This route has some nice sweeper curves. From Elgin back to Elgin, it runs about 240ish miles.

I drove through Fletcher, Cyril, got onto HWY 19. This brought me through Cement and some awesome scenery with sweepers. Hwy 19 goes right down to Ada. Easy to remember. From Ada, I took Hwy1 (goes down to Sulpher through Roff). Roff.What kind of name is that? Well, I guess it's better than Chitwood... From Sulpher I just stayed on Hwy 7 until Duncan, than took 81 up to Rush Springs back over to Elgin. No refueling worries, there are plenty of gas stations. Roads are okay, and currently undergoing construction
Paul's Valley was established in 1857. Paul picked a nice valley.
Ada has some really nice undercover black chargers. Good to know. In Ada, I met up with some riders. We rode down to the springs in Sulphur. The spring water tastes,well, a little like sulphur.

I got off to a late start for the Ada meet-up due to a "You're not possibly thinking of riding out there alone" discussion, so I wasn't able to take pictures. Therefore, I had an excuse for a small picture-taking road trip...

More pictures can be found on the Facebook album.

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