Sunday, February 20, 2011

Norway in Oklahoma

Destination: Norge
Miles logged: 80 miles

Third time's the charm (so they say), and I finally found my way to Norge, OK in the company of No Excuses Motorcycle Club. From Porter Hill, we rode out through Elgin, Fletcher, and Cyril. Got off to a rocky start in Cyril (those curves I've mentioned before). The same ones I crashed on back in April 09 (ah, the good times). Rider and bike were both fine (whew). 
Blueberry at the FZR crash site. Should've looked for that guardian bell I'd lost back in the day.
 From Cement we headed north on Oklahoma Avenue (original, no?) and took County Rd 1410 East, which will get you past Lake Burtschi (have to go back to check it out). There are a couple of fun curves on this road. It turns into HWY 92 somewhere and next thing you know you're driving past cute houses (the Norwegian style coming out, I guess), a school, and a thing that looked almost like a gas station...almost. 
Not anything worth stopping for, but before I pass final judgment on Norge, I'll have to go back.
From Chickasha we caught HWY 19 back to Cement. Well, it's not a good ride until ya get pulled over. It was a good ride...

OK History Lesson: Norge
  Norge was settled in 1907. President Roosevelt declared Norwegian immigrant Anfin Ersland the first postmaster (how cool is that?). The town was home to quite a few Norwegians back in the day. The town didn't get too big, and the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl wreaked havoc on Oklahoma's Norway. Post office closed in 1954, and Norge has a population of about 80.

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  1. Always interesting, never heard of this before, thanks Dani