Friday, February 18, 2011

Rush Springs

Destination: Rush Springs 
Home of the Annual Watermelon Festival
Miles Logged: 71 miles

From Porter Hill, rode out to Fletcher and Cyril. When you get to the second stop sign in Cyril continue straight. There are some fun curves. Watch out for that stop sign on the last curve. Turn right and you're back on your way to Cement. And, from Cement to HWY 81 there are also a couple of fun curves.

Both the annual watermelon festival and a fresh water spring can be found in Rush Springs' park. Riding through Rush Springs (a school, a post office, a bed and breakfast, and a library) you'll find the park on the left. The water tastes much better than from the springs in Sulphur.

OK History Lesson: Rush Springs, OK
Back in the 1850s, the Wichita had a village near the springs on Rush Creek. In 1858, the U.S. army launched a surprise attack on Comanches camping close to the area, known as the Battle of the Wichita, leaving 70+ Comanches dead. The Wichita relocated to Fort Arbuckle. By the 1870, a railroad made it to the Choctaw Nation, and supplies for Fort Sill were transported through Rush Springs. A post office was established at a local ranch, and once the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway came in 1892 the post office was relocated into what is now the town of Rush Springs. The town was incorporated in 1898. It's been hosting the watermelon festival every year since the 1940s.

Picture courtesy of Mac Vincent. Please click on his name for more info on Rush Springs as well as more awesome historic pictures!

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