Monday, March 28, 2011

Riders in OK M&G Sun 3/27

So when I checked the weather forecast for today a couple of days ago, it said 79 degrees and partly cloudy. The only resemblance the actual weather had to that was that it was above freezing. Must be nice to have a job where one can continuously forecast the wrong thing and still have a job. Anyways...

It was a small meet and greet. A couple of riders braved the cold and rode down from OKC area. So major props out to them. I told them that they now had a right to make some lazy riders feel really bad. Part of No Excuses came out, too. But, it was only 4 of us for the ride. As we were waiting for the OKC riders, I received a text that they were taking lots of "jumping jack stops." What the hell? This was cleared up on our ride. How clever! And, much more effective than my "cold-dance." So double props to Mike and Jonathan.
Mike R's photo which I stole. Damn those shaky hands of mine.
We headed out to Meers for a Meersburger. Where we came across two other bikers who braved the cold. There was (for once) no line at Meers. We then went on Oklahoma's little Deals Gap (HWY 115). It was kind of hazy and the foothills of the Wichitas looked amazing. For the first time, I actually noticed that you are approaching the windmills. That selective seeing of mine is really pretty amazing. The importance of warmed up tires became evident to me (Again. I have no long-term memory). I always try to ride at least 15 miles before getting on those corners. It was still fun, however, and the misty mountains were worth the ride.

Next stop was Mt. Scott. By the time we made it there, only the top of Mt. Scott was still in the clouds. Mt. Scott was closed for business. On to Medicine Park and the Lake Rd (Elm, if I remember correctly). The wind made Lake Lawtonka a wavy sight. The pelicans didn't seem to mind. On days like today, Coffee is even more amazing.

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