Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 2011

So in my book it doesn't get much better than going for a ride and a hike on the same day. It's pretty awesome living a few minutes from the Wichita Mountains. Although, it usually means that I take more detours than necessary. I'm all about the detours.

Awesome thing about taking a bike is that parking usually isn't a problem...usually. I have managed to receive a parking notice. Go me.

So yesterday's ride went to the Wichita Mtns Wildlife Refuge (yet again) and out to Eagle Mtn. Running on slacker time almost got me into trouble. Blueberry needed gas, and I, thinking I was good on time, mozied on down to the gas station. It wasn't until I was getting close to the HWY 49 turnoff that I realized the group was meeting at 10:00AM. My clock read 9:46. So much for getting gas. I prayed it'd get me out there and back to a gas station.

Speeding on the Refuge is a no-go (not that I would ever speed...). Get on the refuge and a deer runs out in front of me. Looked out for its friends, but it seemed to travel alone. Passed a snake on the road by Mt. Scott. I didn't see what it was since I was running out of time. Passing an F-150 law enforcement truck reminded me to watch my itching throttle hand. Good thing too, because further down the road was another law enforcement vehicle parked with a radar. I probably shouldn't have laughed and said "hahaha, not today, boy" because karma is a bitch. I get to the meeting location shortly after 10:00. Not too shabby. I pulled into the Visitor Center (not going "too fast" in my opinion. I mean, home stretch deserves a coasting). I walk into the Visitor Center and nicely say "Good Mornin'" to the lady at the desk only to be told to watch my speed when coming into the Visitor Center. Seriously? I certainly went no faster than the dude behind me.

The hike was a blast. Hiked up Eagle Mtn out to Pennington Mine and back through the Narrows. The group learned a good rule of thumb: don't follow Dani. Those that didn't see the easy way and followed me weren't exactly fond of me, but they now have that rule of thumb memorized.
The Narrows
After a 6 mile hike and forgetting my fuel condition, I was brought back to reality. Yes, it happens occasionally. Blueberry and I were able to coast into a gas station miles after gas light started going off.

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