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So after all this time, and the countless times I've ridden through Cache, I don't think I've ever posted anything about Cache. So here we are. Cache is located about 12 miles west of Lawton. It's one of my many regular detours. Gotta head home, yet don't really want to? No problem. Swing through Cache and the Refuge on the way home. Not enough? Then there's Mt. Scott and Medicine Park...oh the detouring options!

So there's this place in Cache that's been around forever called the Trading Post. When I stopped the dude (owner) wasn't there, hence it wasn't open. He was off chasing cows (I hope that's not like "chasing the dragon"...), but if there's a small green truck out front, then it's open. Small town hours, eh? I have fond memories of running through the trading post back in the day with my cousins when they visited from Germany. The owner was a big history book. So, if you see that truck, it's worth the stop. He owns the former homes of Quanah Parker and Frank James (Jesse James' brother). One used to be able to arrange for a tour, but I'm not sure if that still goes.
Star House. Pic not mine. Click link below.
Quanah's Star House was moved after Fort Sill almost destroyed it (haha, so I guess it's not a new past time). So, Eagle Park used to be a park, but it closed over 25 years ago. For more info click here.

Pic not mine. Click the link below.
This home is now in Eagle Park also. For more info about Frank James click here.

Also, there's was small Mexican restaurant in Cache on Main St. The building of which has this pretty cool mural on it. I think both mural and restaurant are long gone now (2013).

More pictures are on WGR's Facebook page.
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