Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Ride That Never Was

Yeah, I totally stole that from a book. In this crazy heat wave we currently have, I was pleased to find that there are enough crazy people who are still riding. I think, I'll take this moment to define riding. Riding = at least 25 miles of being on a bike moving in a certain direction (preferably not down). Riding does not mean riding the streets of town (riding the cruise) or "riding" to a car wash. Unfortunately, most riders who ride (as defined) have cruisers (no offense intended). Looks like I need to find some cruisers to ride with because finding someone with a sportbike who rides and doesn't belong to a club is a challenge which I am tired of. Guess I'll be riding solo for the most part.

I found a couple of riders who were interested in going to Lake Altus with me. You know what they say about the best laid plans. We got off to a late start and after the boys were happily fed, there wasn't really the time. So a 200 mile ride turned into an 80 mile ride. It was a little warm, and my face received a free sauna from the brainbucket. Speaking of motorcycle apparel and heat, the Red Route Kevlar jeans I invested in are awesome. I was worried that they might be unbearable in the heat, but they're no worse than my regular jeans. I had to take out the knee guard, though. The knee guards never sit right, but there's Kevlar where the guards were.
Almost makes me want to test my jeans:

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