Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Longest Tune-Up Ever

That's what Blueberry's tune-up has become. I've been tinkering around here and there. Okay, I've also been putting it off since I've never changed the spark plugs on a newer bike before. So I pried off the lower, middle, and upper fairings on both sides. A note on the upper fairings: they suck. Not really, but watch out for those annoying "clips" There are 4 under the nose that need to be removed before it can pop off. It's extremely sad that something so simple can make me feel so stupid. (In the mean time, I have mastered those simple clips. Yay for Blondie!) After reading on some forums (mainly this Godsend), I determined that I ought to be fine with the tools I have. I drained the coolant (for the flush I plan on doing) and lowered the radiator in order to get to the spark plugs a little better. I've learned a couple of things:
1. It's a good idea to take off the radiator.
2. Ignition coils annoy me.
It's a tight fit. It took me a while to determine the proper combination of extensions as well as convince the ignition coils they were going to behave. Since all the fairings are off, I think I'll go ahead give 'em a good wash and wax.

I haven't terrorized the streets in forever! Hoping to get the flush and plugs done before the weekend is over. Looking for some good riding locations. Suggestions???

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