Friday, November 11, 2011


Anyone who has read Keith Code's Twist of the Wrist ought to know what I'm referring to. Yes, even though I've been a lazy rider lately, motorcycles are constantly on my mind. That's probably a sign that I have a problem, but it's about BIKES!!!! and I just can't help it.

So as I stay home, work, and study, I find myself reading Code's book. I'm taking some notes and making a list of how I ride, what I do when I ride, what needs improvement, and ideas on how to improve my riding (making different decisions). As I continue to read, I find myself thinking "Wow! I'm such a squid!" There are so many things I take for granted while riding because these tasks are "automatic" (which they shouldn't be).

Maybe I'll start a road journal with sketches and notes on my decisions and reference points.

Have you read Code's book or a similar book? What was the most valuable thing you learned from the material?

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