Monday, November 28, 2011


Even though, I probably should have just stayed home in front of my laptop making income statements and reading finance chapters, I went on a ride.
It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon (albeit, a little chilly), and I'm glad I spent it out on Blueberry. It turned into a nice little 130 mile ride.
While riding the curves of 115, I slowed it down to pay attention to my technique. While "slowing it down" I realized that I was actually able to see what I could improve, found better lines, and was able to increase my speed in the curves a lot better than ever before. A successful trip out to Meers, around the Wildlife Refuge, a stop in Cooperton, hwy 49 back into the refuge, a detour through Cache, and a nice little detour on the way back home.
You know it's been a good (and much needed) ride when even thought you can't feel your fingers and toes, you can't help but smile.
And, even though it's Monday and I have a zillion things to do (not to mention an exam in my finance class tonight), I'm still all smiles. I think today shall be Awesome Monday (Note: I've also had like 5 cups of coffee this morning...).

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