Monday, December 12, 2011

Lady Rider Jacket

I don't think I've posted anything about my jacket, yet. So here goes. The jeans I'm wearing in this pic are the Red Route Kevlar lined jeans I mentioned in an earlier post. Warmer than regular jeans in the winter. I'm currently sporting Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 riding pants these winter days, though. I must say that I've never been so toasty on an overcast 30 degree day. A light layer fits underneath, but be warned- you'll experience cold/hot flashes in those pants. Completely weird. When the heater's on where ever you are, your legs will be cold. If the A/C is on, your legs will be sweating buckets. Sure, you could take them off but who wants to lug around an extra pair of pants?
Personality # 32: FOCUS!
Oh, yeah... Jacket.
 It's the Lady Rider jacket by Frank Thomas (size small). Or from that riding gear collection. However you want to phrase where it came from. I've had this jacket for 2 years.  People probably think I have a fascination with pink. I was in Cyclegear when I saw this lovely jacket (the only one that fit my budget) and they didn't have black or blue in my size. When it comes to being able to ride, I'm REALLY impatient. So what the hell, pink it is.
The liner is awesome and warm. It's super easy to take out. And, since I tend to run cold, I can still fit 2-3 layers of under-armor, 1 T-shirt. and 2 sweaters under this jacket. Big plus in my book. It has a waist band the wearer can tighten which keeps air from getting up under there, but then it puffs up the upper body of the jacket (which you can kind of see in the picture). Free and painless temporary boob job.
It's got pads in the elbows and shoulders and the upper portion of the back. Take out the liner and it's a nice jacket to wear up to around 80 degrees. Humid days- it's just awful. But, overall a keeper.

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