Saturday, December 17, 2011

Waurika Loop

Temple. Not much to comment about Temple... Sears owned a store there until the 50s. I believe a Chinese company bought that facility in the early 2000s... It used to be quite the local-business supporting town (44 small businesses back in the day) compared to the now-ish time frame (13 stores). Sad.

Hastings. Another town that changed its name. It was originally called Bayard (I wonder if they had sheep...Ba-yard- get it?) and was incorporated in 1902. In 1910, it had a population of approximately 727. Nowadays, it's under 200. It's this tiny little town and doesn't seem to have a lot to offer (from what I saw- didn't get to explore too much). But, back in its heyday, the town had a lot of newspapers (Free Lance, the Hastings News, the Hastings Telegraph, and the Hastings Herald), a pool, a movie theater, and, get this, an opera house. At the edge of town (if one can call it that- it's a corner town. You turn the corner and that was it) there was a historic marker for Hastings Baptist College. Yet, the building didn't look school-like at all. Once again, I should have stopped... Apparently it opened in 1906 and was relocated to Mangum, OK in 1912.

All I can see about Waurika is that it's an awesome little town. I'd move there in a heartbeat. Yes, the Waurikans are probably thinking "Oh God, No!"

Waurika means clear water. I wonder if they have a spring.
...Wait...they have a lake...which I've been to. Good thing I'm blonde and can blame my memory lapses on something. I'll dig up that ride sometime and post it, too.

I should have stopped in Comanche and Addington because I saw some interesting/amusing things. Oh well, next time.

Logged about 160 miles on this ride. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of a semester!
Pictures from this ride can be found on WGR's Facebook page.


  1. and see no rain

  2. I know! Keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts. No need to look at the weather forecast since it changes daily and still isn't right.

  3. Thanks so much for posting photos of Temple. It was nice to see the place where our family lived long long ago. Linking some of your photos to my blog:)