Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing special

So Riders in Oklahoma is doing another meet and greet this weekend! I cannot tell you how super duper overly excited I am!!!! Says the girl who never rides. Yes, that oughta be my new nickname. Or the girl who stays home. I've kind of traded in my time with Blueberry for time with a John Deere. I think I get that from my Granddaddy. He always did say he'd be happy to die as long as it was on his John Deere. Low and behold, he was found on his JD deader than a doornail. But, I digress.

And even with all my time spent on the mowing grass, I'm still not done. The best part? I can start my rotation over next week since the grass seems to be on steroids. Anyhow... This meet and greet will be up on Route 66. Looking forward to finally being able to post a route and pics.