Sunday, April 22, 2012

Route 66...well sort of

A title of Pop's Diner would be more appropriate. So we had a meet and greet for the Riders in OK group; only 11 riders made the effort of meeting up at Pops. The 6 of us who rode out from Lawton logged about 280 miles. That's what I call a decent ride!  Had to take I-35 to help cut down on time (it was already a 2 hour ride one-way).
So we took the back roads up to I-35.

Pop's was CRAZY busy. And, since we couldn't agree on what to do, we waited forever on a table. Next time I will remember to back a granola bar. Yeah... my priorities before leaving the house were 1) coffee, 2) workout, and 3) check tire inflation (yes, I learned my lesson).

These two Lawton riders' bikes almost make me want to buy a chopper...I think I'd look like a dope on one, though. The bike on the right has some pretty bad-ass detail (see album).

 So after we ate, OKC and Lawton riders went separate ways. We caught I-40 (never been on this hwy) and rode out to Hinton. Finally got to see the other half of Hinton. I liked the first half better. With some more time, we could have taken the back roads to Hinton, too. But, time was fleeting. Had some riders who hadn't been out this way before so I had to take them down into Red Rock Canyon State Park. From I-40 and the hwy going through Hinton, you'd never guess such cool landscape existed.

Even got to ride through Apache's Rattlesnake Festival. I need to mount a camera holder on Blueberry somehow so I can take pictures while I ride (sounds safe, doesn't it?). We rode through Binger, Fort Cobb, and some other places where I usually would have wanted to stop, but, yeah...

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