Sunday, October 21, 2012

Medicine Park Car Show 2012!

Before I get started, this blogger, who is not in the possession of technological savvy, is having issues with uploading pictures. Now I'm not sure if it has something to do with my new camera (megapixels and all that junk), if it's Blogspot, or user error. I am, however, going to allocate all the blame to Blogspot since Facebook has no issues accepting my works of art (pictures). So for more pictures of the car show clear here to be directed to the MP car show album.

I was super excited to go check out Medicine Park's annual car show. Blueberry and I rode over shortly after 10. Of course, I had trouble finding parking. There were plenty of places to park, but none that I liked. After circling the town, I ended up going back to where I'd started and parking on the grassy parking area by the creek. I always end up somewhere where the parking ground reminds me of quicksand. It wouldn't be the first time I parked to come back to find my bike sitting lower than when I had left it. If I had one of those kickstands found on cruisers it wouldn't be so bad. The makers of those long cruiser kickstands obviously had more faith that cruiser riders would venture to places without paved parking. What a vote of confidence in sportbike riders...then again most of the sportbike riders I know wouldn't need such a kickstand.

So my little parking situation seriously cut into the time I had allotted for the car show. I had an appointment to play tour guide at 11 (read about that in the next post). I power-walked through the car show. Since it was still early, a lot of cars were still in the process of getting their spots and registering. There were some awesome classic cars there. Some of the regulars were there (GTOs, GTXs, Challengers,Thunderbirds, Buicks, and Fords), but I also spotted a lot of street rods I hadn't seen before.

Previous town events had *CAUTION* tape barricading everything. The traffic cones looked a LOT better. I didn't feel as though I were entering a crime scene. Medicine Park is putting forth great effort in their events for the community. If you haven't managed to check out any of the events, I recommend you do so!


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  1. But, even though the cars weren’t on their assigned places yet, you were able to see all the cars for the event, right? I hope you did. I believe being able to see every single car that will be participating in the event is more than enough and is worth the effort of coming there in the first place.

    Patrick Gauer

    1. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see all of them due to the time I came, but I'm still pleased to be able to see what I did. You are completely right. Don't have to twist my arm to get me to a car show.

  2. Car shows never fail to give something different every time. I just love that orange jeep with all its windows customized. It shows how these cars are properly maintained and restored. Sometimes even more than what’s necessary! So, did you get to see everything?

  3. Wow to that beautiful artwork on the orange car! I love art as much as I love cars, and seeing them together is such a magnificent experience. :”> Hey, have you tried to visit a BMW Art Car Show? If not, then I highly recommend it. Hehe! :]