Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cooperton, OK

Destination: Cooperton
Population: 13
Any excuse to ride HWY 115... Decided to head out to Cooperton. Leaving from Meers and coming back to Lawton it's about 85 miles. There are so many different roads a rider can take. And, I know 'em all like the back of my hand.

Took HWY 115 up to 19. Turned South onto 54 (Cooperton), Caught 19 again and headed to Roosevelt. Got onto HWY 183 (veered off to drive through Great Plains State Park, which is pretty nice). Good to know that the sheriffs drive little chevy cars...Staying on the road driving through the park, it'll curve back around to 183. From Snyder we just hit HWY 62 back to Lawton.

My interest was piqued when I read about Cooperton here, and then I did some googling and got my info here.

Cooperton is actually a pretty big grid work of gravel roads. A lot of delapidated houses. A church, the school, the bank, and what looks like an old chapel are still there. Note, that if you check it out, you'll be the talk of the "town."

Your Oklahoma history lesson for the day: Cooperton

Cooperton (originally called Cooper) was established by CPT Frank Cooper in 1899. When it was decided that the territory was to be divided by lottery, Cooper asked for (and was granted) over 300 acres. By 1910, Cooperton had a population of 100. And, the town had a general store, post office, 2nd general store, livery stable, drug store. The town
continued to grow and soon there was a bank, hardware shop, cotton gin, mill, two hotels, churches, school, and a newspaper called the Cooperton Banner. By 1940, the population was about 187. The population soon decreased due to mechanized farming, high farm prices, and better roads and transportation. The High School closed in 1965. The Elementary School closed in 1972.

More pictures can be found in WGR's Facebook album.

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  1. Dude I totally remember that ride. That was a great ride. I didn't know the history of this town until I discovered that you blog about them. Bravo, good lady, Bra-vo.

  2. I agree with you...I think it's a pretty little town...I was raised in Cooperton. My wife and I enjoy riding 115 on our Wing. Enjoyed your blog!