Friday, March 2, 2012

Horses vs. Motorcycle

Did I ever mention why I chose 120+ hp over 1 hp?

I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got into bikes. Bikes have been my obsession since I was 13. My mother will testify that I drove her nuts with my daily bike talk. Persistence wears down anyone. It only took me 365 days of "can I have a motorcycle," Ooh! Look at that bike,""MOTORCyyyyyyycle!!!!!!!" to get her blessing.

I'm a first generation Okie. My Mom's from Germany and has always been fascinated with western books (Karl May) and the idea of living auf einem Bauernhof (on a farm). My Dad was an air force brat and then did his 20 years in the army. The last duty station being Fort Sill, Oklahoma. There's got to be a welcome sign somewhere upon entering Oklahoma that warns travelers about being transported 50 years into the past. For Lawton it appears to be more like 70 years. The internet was a Godsend for those who, like me, kept wondering how a town so big could have so little.

The Compromise.
Dad: No Germany.
Mom: Germany.
Dad: No.
Mom: Yes.
Dad: No.
Mom: Fine, but we're moving to the country.

The city slickers move to the country.
My mom had high hopes of me being a cowgirl. The fact that I never had any luck with horses was a contributing factor to my bikes are awesome thought process. Bikes weren't on my radar while my parents were still together. I don't think a bike would have been an option with my conservative dad. My horse experience was...interesting. In all my years, the closest I ever came to meeting the grim reaper was probably when I was on a horse. It all started when I was 4 and got kicked in the knee by our foal. From there it escalated. I've ridden on the underside of a horse (saddle wasn't all too tight- thanks, Mom). I've been dragged through creeks. I've been dragged through barns. I've been dragged under a clothesline in the horse's attempt to create a head-less rider. I've nearly been trampled by a horse (don't get between a mean horse and her food). Needless to say, I've been through a lot with horses.

What's better than 1 deadly hp? 120+ controllable hp.

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