Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Riding with the Ducs

I found myself in the company of two Ducati motorcycles this weekend. My sprockets are kind of shot so I just stayed in the back...way back. At least I don't have to drive down to Dallas to have my bike serviced (if I wanted the dealer to service my bike in the first place). I hear the Ducati shop in OKC closed. The only motorcycle shop that serves espresso, and it closes! The audacity.

Seems I always have an excuse to stay out of trouble (shot sprockets, low fuel tank, no rear brakes, new tires, etc).
Yes, I'm also a horrible bike cleaner (at least lately).

So I'm ordering some steel sprockets this go around and hope they'll last longer than my Driven sprockets. I'm kind of going to miss my blue chain... I'm also considering changing my gearing back to stock as well as going back to a 525 pitch, but...I don't know if I want to. I mean I haven't had an accurate speed reading in 1.5 years, I oughta be used to it by now, right?
Because some days I'm just too lazy to pack my own coffee.

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