Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thank you squids...

...for giving riders like me a bad name.

Yes, I am in the ranting mood once again.

I'm browsing through one of the social networks I am on, only to find a couple of pictures of a totally trashed bike in my area. There wasn't an explanation to what happened only a comment that he watched his friend almost die and the bike is totaled.

So I asked what had happened and said that I hoped his friend had worn all of his/her gear. The response I got ticked me off.

His friend had been doing a wheelie at 80mph and had got cocky and pulled it up too much. His gear, you ask? A helmet. That's got to be some sucky road rash.

Honestly, I can't say I feel sorry for him. Not one bit. A) If you want to disrespect the power your bike has- do it in a controlled area, B) when you decide to do stupid things that could go wrong then you really ought to do yourself a favor and wear protective gear, and C) when you do decide to do moronic things, stop being a selfish prick and think of other drivers who may be endangered by your childish actions.

Meanwhile thanks to riders whose brains obviously haven't outgrown the teeny-bopper stage of their development, I get the dirty looks from cops.

So thank-you.


  1. Someday these squids will learn you do not dress in gear to ride, but rather you dress in gear to crash. It is purely a "just in case solution". Riding in a t-shirt and shorts isn't cool, it's just stupid. and their mistakes make my bike insurance go up. Take a class kids... Do a track day. Take Lee Parks Total Control, anything !! But for the love of god and all that is holy, learn how to ride that bike, Gear up as you should, or put that bike on Craigs list before your family is shopping for a coffin!