Friday, March 2, 2012

Off Topic Rant

Neighbor Rant!

Okay I’ve lived out in the sticks my whole life. Recently our neighbor sold some of his land (the land across the street from us) as 9 lots. Okay, suburbia is coming. I can deal with that.

This dude bought 2 lots directly in front of us. As an introduction, he came over one day a while ago asking to move our mailboxes. Our mailboxes are on county easement. So our answer was no.
Today I wake up to find my mailbox has moved 25 feet north of my driveway.

Seriously? Thanks, bro...

What makes me mad (besides the fact that he dug a hole and moved my mailbox in the middle of the night when he doesn’t even live out here yet) is that if a man were associated with my farm that guy would have never had the nerve to move my mailbox.

Well, you know what? I am woman hear me roar.


  1. Wow, what a neighbor. FYI - what he did was a crime - actually a FEDERAL offense which is punishable by law with a fine of about 500 bucks... maybe more. If you call the post office and report it, he could be in trouble. (Although he will certainly suspect that you reported him and that is a very BAD way to start a relationship with a neighbor).

  2. Check with your local post office. I think they have rules about moving a mailbox.

  3. That's what I thought, Reecea. I'm just so disappointed in my neighbor. I checked everywhere (Sheriff's Department, city clerk, postmaster (have to wait until Monday), the county, lawyers, etc). And, from what I've gathered, as long as one doesn't damage the mailbox, it's perfectly legal to dig up mailboxes at night and move them. Although, the person I spoke with at the post office said it wasn't legal but there was no way to enforce it. My neighbor could have suggested that we all put our mailboxes together down at his end of the road (which would make it easier for the mailman) and I would have been fine with that.
    Yes, I know it's just a mailbox. But, it's the principle behind his actions that irks me.
    I'm going to do what everyone's husband would do. I'm going to dig up my mailbox and put it back where it was and cement the sucker in. The county deputy said that would be fine, but I should ask myself if it's worth starting a neighborhood feud. As far as I'm concerned I'm not the one who started it...

    1. Thats it Dani, cemet that box in real good.
      I can't believe someone would do that in the night.
      You live in the country, so i think its time to load the shot gun with rock salt !!!!!!!!!!!